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Music Video Production

At CPE, we have produced more than 1000 music videos in our more than 10 years. We work with artists at different stages and on different genres of music. CPE is arguably the Best Music Video Production Company in Cameroon.

Movies/Films Making

At CPE, We write Movie Scripts, Direct Movies for other people, and produce these movies. Prominent to our movies in "L'axe Lourd" the first world-class Global Action from Cameroon and arguably one of the best to ever come out of Africa. We are dedicated and hardworking.

Adverts/Spots/Commercials Production

CPE is proud to have produced more than 30 Video Adverts for different companies. We have worked with companies like UCB, MTN, and Johny Walker in the production of their TV and Commercial Ads. We develop the ad concept to best sell your company then work with your marketing team in the realization of this concept.

Documentary Production

Storytelling is a core value on which our company operates. Over the years, CPE has dedicated a lot of resources to the production of documentaries of different types and on different topics and Areas like Cameroon Entertainment. We will be very intentional in bringing your ideas to light through a Documentary.

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